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Dry Fire

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Vince Lombardi

Why Dry Fire?

Shooting is a deteriorating skill.

Studies have shown that in as little as one week after leaving the range, the average shooter's skills will diminish by as much as 20%. Inexpensive practice sessions involving dry firing allow the shooter to continually maintain and improve those skills while away from the range. Dry firing on its own is cost effective with regard to time and money, but in the long run it can be less than perfect.

Taking the "Dry" out of Dry Fire Training:

Laser Ammo's SureStrikeTM turns the typical dry firing session into a powerful and rewarding learning experience where the shooter can easily recognize and correct any errors ingrained in muscle memory. SureStrikeTM helps the shooter obtain a stable grip, control trigger squeeze, reduce the shooter's response time and aid the shooter in obtaining perfect sight alignment and sight picture.Best of all is that SureStrikeTM is completely safe to use in any firearm for which it is made when it is installed.

With the unique UhrSecureTM safety system, shooters and their surroundings are always safe as a live round cannot be loaded into the firearm. In addition, Laser Ammo's SureStrikeTM performs double-duty as a snap cap to protect the firing pin from damage while dry firing.

The SureStrikeTM eliminates the need for a dedicated training firearm as it can be loaded into any firearm to perform any drill with immediate feedback that the shooter can see and hear! The heart of the SureStrikeTM is a microprocessor that controls the laser beam. This ability gives shooters the unique ability to pick and choose different action caps according to their needs.

Unlike other laser cartridges which are activated by vibration, SureStrikeTM can only be activated by the action of the striker or firing pin.

The SureStrikeTM and the LaserPETTM create the perfect way to practice any number of combat or home invasion scenarios as well as fast draw and cowboy action shooting.
They can be used at home, the office, garage, or basement. Anytime, anywhere!

The fundamentals of dry-firing

It has been said that it takes 10,000 repetitions to commit an action to muscle memory.

For a shooter, that can represent a considerable amount of ammunition to perfect a trigger squeeze. With the skyrocketing costs of ammunition, dry-firing represents a very affordable alternative.

The first thing to do before a practice session is to ensure that all firearms are unloaded and that no live ammunition is present in the area where training is to take place. While practicing, break every detail down of the firing sequence, acquire a perfect sight picture, hold your breath, squeeze the trigger while releasing that breath and see if the sights move.

Concentrate on the small errors and seek to correct them. With the SureStrikeTM installed, this becomes even easier as the laser dot will hit different areas on the target, other than the point of aim. When these small errors are fixed, the next session with live ammunition at the range will be another step closer to perfection.

As Coach Lombardi said, “Only perfect practice makes perfect”…and Laser Ammo provides the perfect tools, with which to practice!


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